Annual Elks Memorial Service

To Our Absent Members

"Our Order has decreed that the first Sunday in December be set apart as a day for Elks to gather and freshen with the dew of recollection the tender blossoms of hope and love entwined about the memory of their departed."

This year, we honored and celebrated the lives of these Seattle Elks Members who have passed into the realm of everlasting peace:

Dale Fortik

Gerald Bryson

John Cassias, PER

John Shea, PER

Ken Frazier

Michael Papish

Richard Srok

Steven Nolan

William Yenter

All lodges received a letter from the Grand Lodge Office of the Grand Secretary stating the Memorial Service must be conducted in a safe manner due to COVID-19 complying with federal, state, local, county and state public health announcements, mandates, laws, rules and regulations. The letter went on to say that the Memorial Service may be postponed until a later date when this special event can take place safely, which may mean a carryover until December 2021.


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