Be a hero: Donate blood!

ELKS Lodges are partnering with Bloodworks Northwest to host a month long virtual drive in August! Our help couldn’t come at a more needed time!

Hospitals have been catching up on a back log of procedures (that were postponed during COVID) The sharp increase in surgeries has meant an increase in transfusion rates (10% higher than normal) Meanwhile, our recent heatwave caused a huge dip in local blood supplies with donors cancelling appointments, and donations sites closing early due to air-conditioned rooms not being able to stay cool with the extreme outside temperatures. Blood donations are urgently needed.

Here’s how the virtual drive works: Visit any Bloodworks Northwest Donor Center (fixed site) or Pop-up Donor Center (temporary site) that is conveniently located near you between Sunday August 1 and Tuesday August 31 and when you arrive, check in (register) to give blood under donor code ELKS. We ask you to provide this code when you arrive, so the blood center can track our impact! Help us reach a goal of finding 50 folks to attend over the month long time frame!

Appointments are required. Please sign up now to donate blood in August HERE!

For more about the safety of donating blood during the pandemic, eligibility, help booking your appointment and other information, please visit


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