Lodge Building Update

We now have completed eleven weeks of construction. The kitchen, bar designs and equipment list have been finalized. We anticipate the finalization of the electrical layout and special A/V systems within the next ten days. Notable items are as follows:

  1. Framing is ongoing and will proceed to the second level the week of 2/8.

  2. The beverage chases from the basement to the main bar area have been installed.

  3. The main floor restroom excavations have begun with the underground pluming completed and new concrete to seal area.

  4. The chimney demolition is now scheduled with the removal of the clay roof tiles is now scheduled for the week of 2/8.

The project is on schedule currently. There have been a few adjustments to the layout that we believe will make the Lodge more aesthetically pleasing and increase functionality.

Respectfully Submitted,

Seattle Elks #92 Board of Directors