Lodge Redevelopment Approved

Approved! Our Lodge Redevelopment Project Special Membership Vote by mail has overwhelmingly passed!

Thank you to all Seattle #92 members who voted in our Special Vote by mail! There were 96 ballots received: 95 “YES” votes and 1 “NO” vote.

Special thanks for their tireless efforts to Chairman of the Board and Trustee Roy Lee III; Trustee Jim Howes, PER; Building & Grounds Member Brian Hicks; and Secretary Jessica Howes, PER.

Now with the support of Seattle #92 membership, we have now applied for the Grand Lodge permit for their oversight approval of the project and spend of our own resources. More news to come soon, and on behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you to all for your support!

Leslie G. Timmons, PER Exalted Ruler, 2020-2021 Seattle Elks No. 92


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