Meet Nathan Belo, our Exalted Ruler-Elect!

Nathan was born in Seattle to a proud Filipino family, and has lived his entire life on Queen Anne Hill. Nathan graduated from Franklin High School and the University of Washington (Go Huskies!) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. He sells real estate for a living.

Nathan is a proud father to his 11-year-old son, Jaedon, who he is grooming to become a future Elk member! Nathan is the of owner a cute and loyal Maltipoo dog (Maltese/Poodle mix) named Fudgie.

Nathan has generously donated over 4 gallons of blood so far in his lifetime, an admirable quality of giving his father, Gasat Belo, (with over 200donations himself) passed to Nathan.

In his spare time, Nathan is a shodan, 1st degree black belt in judo at Seattle Dojo, a great shot at the shooting range and leads an active life soaking up all that life in the Seattle area has to offer. Nathan also enjoys the finer things in life: collecting watches, enjoying cigars, driving fast cars and riding motorcycles.

Nathan has been a Seattle Elks member since 2017, and an Officer on the Board of Directors since 2018. As a Seattle 92 member, he has been a volunteer from our lodge, sponsored blood drives, and helped support major events at our lodge. Nathan has visited many other local lodges to learn more about Elkdom across our state. He has attended District Deputy Clinics, Officer Training, and WA State Elks Conventions. Nathan enjoys spending time with his many friends and he has brought countless of them in to become valued members of our lodge.


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