Second, Vote for the Future of Our Lodge

Dear Seattle Elks, The Board of Directors and I earnestly recommend you vote “YES” for the lodge facility redevelopment proposal in the packet we presented to you by mail. I encourage you to stand with us and vote in solidarity together for the future of our lodge.

The Board of Directors for our lodge, led by Roy Lee III, has compiled a packet of materials for you to review regarding the lodge redevelopment proposal. All members in good standing should have received their presentation packet and request for a mail vote to proceed with the lodge renovation. Please be sure to vote and return your ballot prior to Friday, November 6. There has been a thorough examination of the project throughout the proposal phase, and countless hours were spent reviewing documents in preparation to present this packet to you by mail. Though we hoped the project would be less expensive than it is, we have done our due diligence to cut costs where possible without impacting the integrity and quality of the final result. We do not take lightly our fiduciary responsibility to our lodge, and wrestled with different options, but ultimately recommend this proposal to you in keeping with what we heard from you, the membership. There has long been a desire to take more vertical advantage of our property with an additional level and more outdoor space. Our property footprint is small, so the only choice is to go up to expand. That said, engineering, structure and requirements of a second level are not insignificant costs, but taking advantage of the height available is a strategic way to invest in our property and pave the way for a bright future for our lodge that we can all be proud to call home.

Before the arson fire, our space for lodge meetings and events was modest, awkward and not adequately able to hold everyone for lodge celebrations. The proposal is an expansion of square footage on the second floor to accommodate lodge rituals properly, provide a separate space for private events away from club quarters downstairs, and to hold lodge functions on both floors. The second floor will feature a balcony for increased access to light, airflow and additional water views of the Fremont Cut.

I invite and welcome all members in good standing to carefully review the materials provided in the lodge facility redevelopment proposal packet, and promptly return your vote in the included self-addressed stamped envelope on or before Friday, November 6. Mail it early this week so it will arrive by Friday!

Respectively Submitted,

Leslie G. Timmons

Exalted Ruler, 2020-2021


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